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From the music to the messages and all that happens during the week, there’s always something you can be a part of. That goes for the whole family too.

Our weekend service is designed just for you, so why not make them part of your weekend.
Sunday at 9:00am

After more than a weekend service? We’ve got you covered.

No matter what stage of life you’re in, there are plenty of ways for you and your family to be involved throughout the week.
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Pastor Mark Edwards

Meet our Senior Minister.

Mark Edwards is our Senior Minister. Recently awarded the prestigious Order of Australia Medal by the Governor General for service to the church, and to the community of Ipswich, He has a compelling vision to see the local church truly impact and transform its community and is widely respected as a long-serving minister and former lawyer.

Regularly speaking at numerous conferences and churches both throughout Australia and internationally Mark focuses heavily on seeing church growth in a sustainable way, where Pastors and leaders go the distance.

Mark is a devoted husband to Gail and father of four, and we are incredibly blessed by his leadership and his heart for our city and church.

Everything we do is centred on one vision:
To draw people into an ever-increasing, personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

It’s all about Jesus

The foundation of everything we believe is Jesus Christ, and the subtleties of our beliefs are birthed through relationship with Him. He’s unparalleled, He’s unprecedented, and all that we do should reflect this core belief: it’s all about Jesus.

This is a life worth living

Everyone wants to live a fulfilling life and, for us, that fulfilment comes through Jesus Christ. We want to help you experience life to its fullest, no matter your circumstances or history, and we believe there is nothing greater, nor more rewarding, than living a life for God.

You matter

Visiting a church can be quite overwhelming, but we make it our priority to make you feel welcome, comfortable and loved. We’re all human after all and each of us just want somewhere to belong. For us, that place is the church and we’d like to welcome you in.

A purpose-filled house

The local church is an expression of God’s love and acceptance to the world. That’s why the Church isn’t a building, it’s a community of people. We believe anyone who considers themselves a Christian should be an active part of the Church.

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