Once a year, we partner together as a church in our annual offering, to see our vision for community endeavours, kingdom goals and facilities achieved. We have no doubt that this is a season of history which will have a profound impact on future generations.

At Cityhope everything we do fits within three focuses. Your Legacy offering is directly outworked through these focuses; Church, Community & Kingdom.


Key Dates for Legacy

If you missed any part of our Legacy Week then you can catch up here via the messages and videos below!

Sunday 21 July 2019
Ps. Scott Thornton from Life NZ launched Legacy

Sunday 28 July 2019
Conclusion of Legacy Week with Ps. Mark Edwards


Our Focuses



We see church as a place to call home.

An open door for everyone who desires to discover and develop a real relationship with a loving and grace-filled God.

An environment of life shaping challenge and heart connected community. When the local church is operating brilliantly there is no organisation more effective.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget what we achieve within the church and the opportunities there are to bring your friends and family into a safe place at Cityhope.

From Mother’s & Father’s Day, Easter & Christmas presentations, our Anzac Day Service and the Day of Honour, there are powerful moments throughout the year.

We also have incredible City Youth, City Kids & City Young Adult programs that are impacting our young people on a regular basis.


We see the needs of those in our community as a priority.

Our mission through Cityhope Care is to help those facing real challenges in a heartfelt and practical way, through increased resources and effective partnerships.

There are a number of initiatives we do to serve our community.

  • Our free BBQ in Queens Park for those in our community that are homeless, living in crowded boarding houses, feeling isolated, lonely or just struggling to make ends meet.

  • Hampers of Hope provides year-round assistance in our community through partnerships with over 70 support agencies, other organisations and the generosity of many.

  • Cityhope Care Packs for individuals and families leaving circumstances of domestic and family violence, and for children placed into care due to risk of harm.


Our Kingdom focus at Cityhope embraces a heart for the bigger picture of what God is doing, and wherever possible we will invest into helping the wider body of Christ.

We have a number of global partners that we support in China, Vietnam and Cambodia. We also host community events for other churches in the Ipswich region to be a part of.

From our High Tea and Company Men’s Conference, to our Zion events for Young Adults, we want to create opportunities for others and have a Kingdom mindset.


 Our Faith Goal


We understand our giving creates a legacy which will carry opportunity for people to find Jesus. In giving to Legacy you are directly contributing to seeing lives saved and impacted.

While the cost to do so exists, the opportunity that lies before each of us extends well beyond what we can fully comprehend in this moment.

We are believing in 2019/2020 that we will see $200 000 invested into our Legacy Offering.

Screen Shot 2019-07-17 at 2.49.58 pm.png

Here at Cityhope Church, we encourage everyone to go to God personally and ask what He wants us to do over the next 12 months. As always, if we do what He wants us to do, we will have what He wants us to have.


How to give


Pledge over 12 months

This is the amount you can choose to commit to Legacy over a 12-month period (July 2019 - July 2020), paid weekly, fortnightly, monthly or in lump sum amounts.

One-Off Offering

Alternatively, you may choose to make one lump sum amount towards your annual Legacy giving commitment.

You may choose to do a combination of the two - a pledge over 12 months and a one-off offering.

The more who take part, the bigger the difference
we can make.


Methods of Giving



• Online Giving • Credit/Debit Card • Eftpos. • Cash • Cheque

Tax Deductible

This Legacy Offering is 50% tax deductible on all giving

To recieve a tax deductible receipt at the end of financial year you must register your details via the envelope or legacy website, and if you choose online transfer please use
“Legacy First Name Last Name’” in the description.

Online Transfer

Please give to the campus that you most regularly attend.

RIPLEY: BSB 633 000 Account 161870605
SPRINGFIELD: BSB 633 000 Account 166838326