There’s more than one way to give.


We believe it’s a privilege to give generously; even the smallest acts of generosity can leave a lasting impact. It’s a powerful thing, which is why we want to make it as easy as possible for you to give generously however and wherever you can.


In the church and our community

Generosity is not just about finance, it’s about love, and serving in the church is a profound way to express your love, not just for the church, but for all the people it impacts in the community and abroad. Speak to one of our team at Connection Point or contact us at and, together, we’ll work out the best way you can be generous with your time and talents.

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Across the world

We are committed to taking the hope of the local church into the world, and you can partner with us through more than financial means. There are often short- and long-term opportunities to travel overseas where you can help first-hand with the work our partners and projects are doing.
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Beyond the generosity of our time and talents, we believe our finances are most valuable when they work to help others.

We believe financial generosity is life-changing and that every person’s gift, no matter it’s size, is valuable and significant. In fact, the Bible teaches us to give a tithe, or one tenth of our income, to God as a sign that we acknowledge Him first in everything we do. There are many options for how you can give, so take a look at the information below and use whichever one suits you best.

For information regarding our Heart of the House offering please go to

Weekend Services

It’s easy to give during our weekend services. Just place your gift in the offering using the envelopes provided.


Don’t carry cash or cheques? That’s okay, you can easily give with your debit or credit card via EFTPOS at any of our weekend services.

Internet Banking

This is a great way to give regularly and consistently through one of your financial institutions. Simply follow the instructions they provide to transfer your gift into one or more of our accounts.
064444–00904017 (Tithes)
633000 –161870605 (Heart of the House)
064444–10335345 (Cityhope Care)
Gifts to Cityhope Care are tax deductible.