Supporting individuals and organisations that are impacting communities overseas.


Our partners

International China Concern (ICC) — Founded in 1993, ICC provides care and life-changing services to children abandoned to the State Welfare system. They also proactively work with families in the community who have a child of disability so they never reach the painful point of choosing abandonment.

Mother’s Heart — Offering crisis pregnancy counselling and alternatives to abortion for women with unwanted pregnancies in Cambodia, Mother’s Heart empowers them to make the best life for themselves and their babies’. Mothers Heart provides choices for women who feel like they have none.

Asia Partner 1 — Working in a highly sensitive area, these partners operate an advanced training institute, enhancing the leadership skills of key workers of the national church in Asia. Their second focus reaches the next generation through music and community services.

Asia Partner 2 — Our second Asia partner supports the work of the local church and its responsibility for leading thousands of believers. They deliver leadership training to equip and empower the local church so that they can reach an increasingly urban and modern nation.

Paul and Deb Hilton — AOG World Relief Vietnam, headed by Paul and Deb Hilton, operate with an inspiring bottom-up, community-driven model. With a focus on clean water, sanitisation, food planting, life-skills training, health and agriculture, they help communities identify their own needs and unlock their own resources to ensure local sustainability.


Short-term teams

Be part of a calling on a road less travelled. When you step into another culture your “everyday” small actions can influence a country, one life at a time.

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