Be transformed.

We believe the stronger our relationship with God becomes, the more we’re transformed into His likeness. It’s a process that continues throughout our lives as we grow in our faith, love, and acceptance of all God has for us.



One of the best ways to grow your relationship with God is by reading His word, the Bible. In fact, we think reading the Bible daily is so good that we follow a 12 month daily reading plan. Follow along through our smartphone app via the devotions tab
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Putting your time and talents to work in the church is a powerful expression of love. Through even the simplest acts of service you can impact the lives of many people in practical and meaningful ways—plus, it’s a great way to grow yourself and be more involved with everything we do.
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The Bible teaches that faith comes through hearing, that’s why we make each message available online for you to watch or listen to at your own convenience. We want to give you every opportunity to hear God’s word, regardless of where you live or what your schedule is like.
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